What most B2B/Industrial companies are missing in their marketing campaigns?

  • Clear Objective Setting
  • Knowing the Audience
  • Determining the Technology Stack
  • Building a Strong Value Proposition
  • A High Converting Landing Page or the resource
  • Is it Google, Is it LinkedIn, Youtube or an industry listing site?
  • What are the products they are searching for?
  • Where the competitors are targeting your audience?
  • What is their problem or pain point
  • Create ideal customer profiles: Use demographic information to create buyer personas that represent your target audience. (LinkedIn Research)
  • Analyze your website and social media traffic: This can help you understand where your clients are. (Keywords Planner, Search Console)
  • Understand your competitors: This can help you position your brand effectively. (Competitor social media and their messaging. (SemRush, Similarweb)
  • Analyze the existing data that you have and know who is your right customer. Because for industrial manufacturing companies, the existing companies are the first raw information that they possess.
  • What value my customer will get from the product?
  • How my user’s life become easy using my product?
  • Does he save cost or manpower? (Coz that is what a B2B buyer always thinks about)
  • Does my product solve the customer’s problem?
  • Explain the value you provide(Title)
  • Explain How will you create it (Subtitle)
  • Let the user visualize it (Video/Media)
  • Make it believable (Social Proof)
  • Make taking the easy step easy (CTA)
Hemant Bhoir
Hemant Bhoir

I am an experienced marketing professional with 5+ years of experience in Industrial/B2B manufacturing marketing. Currently working at Gansons. Along with a full-time role, I share my knowledge and consult B2B and Industrial manufacturing companies in digital marketing.
I feel there is a huge gap knowledge gap in terms of how the manufacturing and SME's are carrying out their marketing activities and how they should execute marketing as a revenue generation function.
I am also a Founder of Marketology - A consulting agency for Industrial manufacturing companies. With my experience in Industrial marketing and proven record in solving real-time digital marketing challenges with Industrial manufacturing companies.
I am here to offer practical solutions to the problems. I have worked with 30+ companies in my short career. I help SMEs and manufacturing companies scale and grow in digital marketing by the following ways:

1. Consulting and Guidance to Owners and high level management
2. One to One mentoring and training of Marketing staff
3. Digital Services

Marketology is an Industrial/B2B Manufacturing Marketing Agency that provides a focused service in Content Marketing, Sales Automation, Social Media Marketing, and Performance Marketing.