How Mechtex achieved +58% SQL conversion rate with performance marketing campaigns

Mecthex Drivetronics, A manufacturer of geared motors sought to grow its global demand generation campaigns. By integrating social and programmatic strategies, Marketology increased SQL conversion rate 64%.

Work together with Sales Teams

Identify attributes and messaging to better reach target audience.

Develop Nurture Approach

Recommend new soft content to present product and multi-touchpoint strategies to convert.

Full Funnel Reporting

Marketoplogy’s dashboard integrated platform and Zoho CRM reporting for high-impact optimisations.


Mechtex ran a global B2B demand generation campaign to fuel their explosive growth. They had online advertising campaign efforts in market that were generating a high volume of leads. Although the volumes were keeping sales busy, the leads were not great. As a result, the sales team was spending time wastefully. They were working on unqualified leads or trying to nurture leads who were not yet prepared to buy.


Marketology developed an integrated B2B marketing campaign to generate qualified leads. The new performance marketing campaign layered demand generation strategies with an awareness approach.

Shorten Sales Cycle

Provide a nurture approach to shorten the sales process. The awareness layer was especially important to support smaller global markets where Mechtex was not as well known. These multiple touchpoints increased the quality of the prospects, who were prepared to buy when contacted by Sales.


Marketology recommended launching with more soft content for people who were unfamiliar with the company and the product. Longer videos, such as testimonials and product explainers, were used on social channels. This long-form content helped to ensure the target audience understood the value of Mechtex’s solutions.


People who engaged with the video were then served with new offers, such as updated sales messaging and webinars. This permitted these visitors to become interested or warm prospects and move down the funnel towards conversion.


Display media was also added to the online marketing plan. These multiple touchpoints allowed more powerful reach for new contacts. This likewise created an additional path to convert previous site visitors while they were on social media and throughout the web.

Increase The Volume of High Quality Leads


Sales representatives identified additional information which was expected to pre-qualify prospects. Lead forms were revamped with additional qualifying information. Also, ad copy was refined to more closely reflect sales talking points.


Emerging platforms, such as Quora and Reddit, couldn’t deliver the scale or quality Matterport was seeking. These channels were eliminated in order to focus on social platforms with greater scale and higher quality, such as LinkedIn.


Removed geographic targeting where sales reps were not in market and reinvested the spend to better support and grow demand in focusmarkets.


Messaging was tweaked to better reverberate with target audiences. In international markets, the utilisation of testimonials from local businesses worked well.


Landing pages were also updated to include mobile-first optimization. Site updates to improve usability and page speed enhanced conversion rates. Likewise, new pages were created to better align with ad messaging. The tight fit between ad copy, initial messaging and landing page boosted conversion rates and improved the quality. The landing page likewise featured a clearer call to action, as well as provided users with an understanding of next steps.


Audience targeting was also refined to focus on relevant and interested audiences and CRM lookalike modeling of the most valuable customers in Mechtex’s database.

Hemant Bhoir
Hemant Bhoir

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